Meet the Team

Meet the Castaway Dream Travel Team

Castaway Dream Travel team

From left to right: Ed Tenuto, Shelly Riedemann, Kara Page, Nick Page, Jamie Moore, Brittany Ward, Dominik Baier, Shaun Procter

Shelly Riedemann, Owner & Travel Advisor

Shelly has traveled extensively for the last thirty-five years, and now applies her knowledge, experience, and detail-oriented nature to assist you in planning your next vacation.  Whether you are planning a cruise, adventurous getaway, family or group trip or simply checking another destination off your bucket list, she can help.

Shelly has traveled extensively in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe and the US with recent trips in: Alaska, Aruba, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Spain, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis, U.K., and of course many of Florida’s top destinations including Disney World. One of Shelly’s unique trips was a journey out west as part of a wagon train.

Shelly lives in Winter Garden, Florida, and while she enjoys traveling, she is also an avid reader and enjoys golf, gardening, and relaxing days by the pool.

Shelly Riedemann

Ed Tenuto, Co-Owner & Travel Advisor

After many years working in government in Philadelphia, PA, Ed has decided to shift his professional career to the travel industry after moving to Florida. His personal life, military experience and professional career took him to hundreds of destinations throughout the United States and Canada.  Recently his travels have expanded to the Bahamas, Europe and many of the islands in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.  In addition to having the tools needed to plan a great vacation, Ed shares years of practical advice with his clients so they can make each trip a memorable experience. 

Ed is a certified Walt Disney World expert, having completed much of its formal travel training and visiting the Florida mega resort countless times a year since its opening. He is an accomplished cook, as well as a wine and beer maker and possesses a vast collection of cook books that has brought myriad food cultures into his kitchen since his teenage years. His affection for travel now brings him face to face with the actual dishes he strived to create. Ed’s goal is to offer the same opportunities for his travel clients; to help them discover the destinations of their dreams that will provide memories of a lifetime. 

Recent Trips – Alaska, Aruba, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Spain, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis, and U.K.

Ed Tenuto

Kara Page, Travel Advisor

Kara is passionate about traveling the world via cruise ships with her husband and partner in travel, Nick. Together, they enjoy sailing on stunning ships, experiencing what makes each cruise line unique, and gaining knowledge about popular destinations. They love to share their knowledge with clients to help them craft the perfect cruise vacation. Over the years, Kara has sailed on more than 30 different cruise ships across eight different cruise lines and those numbers continue to grow all the time since she and Nick try to go on an average of one cruise per month.

Kara specializes in cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, New England and Canada, and the Pacific Coast. She has recently sailed to Alaska four times in 15 months on four different cruise lines to better understand how the brands offer unique experiences in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

By day, Kara is an educator and designer. She leads a team that builds leadership courses for a large international company, teaches collegiate undergraduate and graduate communication courses as an adjunct instructor, and designs digital graphics for clients. She would love to help you plan your next cruise vacation!

Kara Page

Shaun Procter, Travel Advisor

Shaun’s travel experience started at a very young age, having lived and worked in several countries around the world including the United States, the Middle East and Europe.

A former healthcare professional Shaun decided to share his knowledge and experience of travel with his clients. As someone who loves the finer things, his passion is to help travelers discover life as he did while saving lives as a paramedic for 30 years. 

An avid cruiser on many cruise lines Shaun is a master of knowledge with Royal Caribbean Cruise line. As a Crown and Anchor Pinnacle Club member Shaun has been on all of their ships, some as many as 15 times. Shaun knows Royal and Royal knows Shaun. His knowledge of the different classes of ships, on-board amenities, Casino Royale and the best way to plan and book a cruise is unsurpassed.  He is truly any cruise enthusiasts’ best resource.


Dominik Baier, Travel Advisor

Born in Germany, fluent in both German and English, Dominik studied hospitality and worked for several international hotel companies including: Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott in Europe and the USA.  A formally trained and accomplished chef Dominik’s passion for travel blends with his profession. He has taken his rich knowledge and combined it with the service and advice he offers his travel clients.

He met his partner Shaun several years ago on board a cruise ship while both were examining their respective career goals. It turned out to be the perfect match. They are now partners in every facet of life.  

Dominik has turned his personal passion and experience with logistics, hospitality, food and travel into a business plan that offers his clients a wealth of knowledge to plan their perfect cruise vacation. He has the keen ability to design the vacation holiday of a lifetime……every time.


Jamie Moore, Travel Advisor

Jamie Moore is a “fire-wife” to husband, Ryan, a mother of two little girls, Charley and Peyton, and a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). St. Louis has always been and always will be HOME to her, but she loves adventures– planning them and taking part in them! After almost 10 years in the pediatric therapy world, she has recently decided to combine her passions in life– travel and pediatric therapy. Her goal is to help families with children with differing needs travel and make lifelong family memories! Whether kiddos need sensory strategies, communication boards or picture aids, visual schedules, social stories, trials or practice, etc., she hopes to open this world to help parents find the resources they need for their children to be successful when traveling.

Beyond those two professional realms, though, she loves being a mom, animals, reading, walking/hiking, swimming, and probably most of all- eating out at restaurants. A foodie, for sure! Ultimately, her organizational brain and checklist-loving heart would love to help ANYONE plan their next adventure!

Recent Destinations Visited: Aruba, Bahamas, Canada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, Nashville, Orange Beach, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

Jamie Moore

Brittany Ward, Travel Advisor

Brittany is thrilled to share her passion for well-organized travel with her clients. She grew up in Florida where her love of Walt Disney World and cruising began. 

After attending Elon University to study Musical Theatre, Brittany spent two years working as a singer for Silversea Cruises on the Silver Wind and Silver Whisper. Throughout those contracts she visited many incredible ports in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

Brittany has lived in New York City and St. Louis, and is now happy to once again call sunny Florida home. Brittany loves to find the ideal vacations to suit her clients’ unique needs and travel goals.

Brittany Ward

Max Pfau, Travel Advisor

Max’s love for travel stems from his family vacations planned by his grandpa who spent over 30 years in the travel industry. Max’s passion is to follow in his grandpa’s footsteps and continue the family tradition planning memorable vacations for his clients.  

Max grew up in sunny South Florida and cruised annually to the Southern Caribbean with his family.  He attended the University of Florida and studied Sports Management while also studying abroad in Australia. He has a love for both travel and sports and has a goal to visit all 30 MLB stadiums. Only 3 remain to meet that goal.

A worldwide traveler, Max’s knowledge, attention to detail and his destination experiences will help facilitate the perfect vacation for all families, friends, and groups interested in exploring the world as he has throughout his life. He enjoys interacting with people and welcomes the opportunity to connect with travelers to plan their next vacation.

Recent Destinations Visited: Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Dallas, Dominican Republic, England, Greece, Haiti, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Scotland, Spain, Washington.


Max Pfau